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How to create a mom blog and make money as A mom blogger

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How to create a mom blog and make money as A mom blogger

How to create a mom blog and make money as A mom blogger

Are you passionate about something? Do you love writing? Do you want to work from home and make money?

If yes then you can make a career as a mom blogger.

There are thousands of moms out there who are earning as a mom blogger. They are happy with the work they are doing. And if you are thinking to be a mom blogger then I hope soon you will also start a mom blog and make money.

Following are the steps that will guide you to start a mom blog:

1) Decide Your Topic

Before starting a blog you first need to decide the topic. On which topic you will write the blog. Choose your niche. As a mom, you have a lot of experience and knowledge of different things. So now is the time to share your knowledge, thoughts with everyone. It can be on Unique Home Remedies, Cooking, Parenting or Motherhood. You can select the topic you are passionate about.

2) Domain Name

After deciding your blog topic. Now you have to decide your domain name. Your domain name should not be of more than 4-5 words. It should be short and easy to remember. You can give some funny and cute names like crazymoms.com or a basic name. Your domain name should be related to your blog topic.

3)  Set up hosting

There are many software application where you can create an account. As a beginner, you can create an account on WordPress. For beginners there some cheap hosting companies like SiteGround, Bluehost. Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month which is very affordable for a beginner.

4) Select Theme

Once you have logged in you have to select a theme for your site. Make sure that your site should look professional as thousands of mom bloggers out there and so you have to create a professional look so that you look different from others. You can choose free or paid themes it’s up to you. WordPress provides you a number of creative themes for your site.

5) First Blog

Finally, your site is ready and now the fun part comes that is writing a blog. As your first blog, you can tell about yourself like tell them why you decide to write a blog. How your blogs are going to help people. And why should they read your blogs, Tell them about your topics and interests, Just keep it real. But before publishing your first blog make sure that you have a clear blog menu, 3-5 pillar posts, About Us and a Contact Us page.

6) Build Connections With Other Mom Bloggers

Make groups of like-minded people. By surrounding yourself with people who are working In the same profession will help you stay aware of what others are doing to attract people.
There are lots of groups on Facebook of different communities. People get updated about what new is happening in their community. Similar is with the bloggers. You can do collaborations with other mom bloggers and get their visitors too on your site and visa versa.

7) Get Traffic

Once you have started posting your blog. Now it’s the time to ensure that your site visitors should increase. For that, you can go for the SEO option, to increase your ranking on Google, or promote your blog on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Make sure your site is integrated with different social media platforms.
So that your visitors can connect with you.

Here’s how you can make money as a mom blogger:

•   Product
You can promote online products like an e-book, or some products related to your blogs like Healthy Baby food, A Children’s E-book, Money Saving Tips For New Parents or any other product. This is an amazing way to monetize your blog.

•   Advertisement
There are some popular ad companies that you can use on your blogs like Google Ads, Media.net, Mediavine and many more.
You can display ads of any product or service on your blog and you will get paid for that but for that, you should have a good amount of traffic on your site.

•   Affiliate Marketing
If you have a good amount of traffic then you can recommend any product you love and mention products link in your blog. And if someone from your follower or visitors purchase that product then you will get a commission. Many brands invest billions on paid promotion on Instagram alone.

So now that you know how to make and start as a mom blogger. You can start your own blog and be confident about whatever you write about. There are many moms out there who think that their topics will be too boring for the readers.

Write it in your own way and stay positive if you consistently focus on the right things it will work out.

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