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How to create a Travel blog

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How to create a Travel blog

How to create a Travel blog


If you love to travel around the world then travel blogging is an excellent way to travel full-time. To get paid to travel the world is exciting and is like a dream come true for a person who loves to explore and loves travelling.But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. Don’t expect that as soon as you publish your blog the day after you will get free trip offer and you will start living your dream. It takes almost a year of hard work and slowly you will start getting offers. You have to keep patience for this.

Here’s How to start a Travel Blog:

  1. Choose suitable name for your blog
  2. Plan before starting a blog
  3. Set up hosting for your blog
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Select a kickass theme for your blog
  6. Get an attractive logo
  7. Install important plugins
  8. Start your travel blog
  9. Get socially active
  10. Enjoy your travel journey and start making money.

1. Choose suitable name for your blog

One of the most important step is to decide the name of your blog. It is quite difficult to choose your blog name. Your blog name should be related to your personality and it should be unique also.

Long term view: Don’t call your blog Travel for a Year if your trip has the potential to last longer; don’t call yourself The Thirty-Year-Old Traveller for the same reason. Don’t select names which doesn’t last longer. For example there are some blogs which are for short period of time like “AllAroundTheWorldInOneYear.com”– what if it takes more than a year. SoloTravelRocks.com”– what if anyone wants to go with family and kids in future.

Short And Sweet: Make sure that you don’t use more than 4-5 words for your blog. Your blog name should be attractive and unique. But at the same time it should be easy to remember. As it’s difficult to remember or it’s too long then there will be less visitors on your site. Keep it classy as name like “Solo Travelers” won’t make the first best impression.

DomainName: Make sure that .com domain is available as most of the people are used to websites ending with .com that they might end up forgetting other domain extensions.

2. Plan before starting a blog

Before starting anything you need to plan and strategies’ it that how, when, at what time you want to execute. So before starting a travel blog you should plan what content you will write, schedule post, type of videos images related to your blog, who are you serving to, how can it helps others. When you have a plan of particular thing it will become easier to achieve what you want. And it will make the work easier.

3. Set up host for your blog

Very few people know about hosting so first let me tell you what actually hosting means.

Blog hosting means a building you’d rent if you are starting a business. So here one who provides you xhosting is a landlord and we have to pay them monthly fee so we can use their internet space and through this people can see our content, images, video on internet.

There are many blog hosting software application where you can create an account but they will not give you complete freedom there will be some restriction if you use that application.

There are some cheap hosting company for beginners like Bluehost (The best web host to select as a beginner). Plans with Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month and its service is excellent. And it works really well for small blogs.

Step by Step BlueHost Installation Guideline:

Step 1. Visit https://www.bluehost.com/ and click “Get Started”

Step 2. Select the plan that best suites your budget.

Step 3. After that enter your desired domain name and get it for free

Step 4. In the next step fill your profile by entering your details and payment info.

Step 5. After Account Creation, you will be promoted to set a password for your Bluehost hosting control panel.

Step 6. WordPress comes inbuilt in Bluehost as it is a core WordPress optimized host.

Step 7. After the above steps wordpress installation will be completed and you will get a welcome screen.

Step 8. By Default, a coming soon page will be displayed on your wordpress blog.

Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month which is very affordable for beginners. And this also provides good service.

4. Install WordPress

Now you have your domain name and rental space so it’s time to install wordpress on your blog. And it’s important to note that you should use wordpress.org and not wordpress.com as wordpress.com is controlled by wordpress not by you.

Installing wordpress is not as hard as it sounds like you just have to enter the details and login and start writing your blog.

Do not use any other platform as wordpress is commonly used by professional bloggers and it is easy to use.

5. Select a kickass Theme for a Blog

After installing word press first thing that you should do is setting up theme for your site. WordPress provides some free themes for your travel blog. But that comes with limitations you cannot customize or make changes according to your choice. Selecting an attractive theme for your blog is very important as it will make your site look really attractive and presentable.
You should select premium themes as it will provide you really good themes and you can easily make changes according to your blog. It will cost around 75$-100$ per year.

6. Get an Attractive Logo

Designing your logo is very important for your site as it is something that makes you different from others. But designing your logo is second thing you should first focus on the content. Main thing in your blog is what you write. If your content is good your site will grow with time. And then you can focus on the design of your site and on an attractive logo. There are some useful web application that will help you to make your logo attractive.
Here are some of them:

  • Canva: Canva is a really good web application which is free of cost, so if you are starting your blog and your budget is tight then canva is a great option. You just have to fill details and sign in and then you can design your logo, banner, business card. For example if you want to make logo, you can select logo and then some pre-made designs of logo will appear.
  • PosterMyWall: Postermywall is a web based application for poster, graphic and video define software. It’s free of cost and have two paidsubscription. The templates are really good and has good quality.
  • 7. Install important plugins :
  • Plugins are really helpful for your site as it improves functionality of your site. And provides you with new features.
  • Here are some of the important plugins that you must have for your site:
  • Yoast SEO: This will help you to improve your ranking in Google and it comes with hundreds of features. So if you want only one plugin then you should go for yoast SEO as this is the best amongst all.
  • Mash share: Through mash share people can easily share your posts, videos, images, on different social media platforms. This will help you to grow your site faster. And visitor on your site will increase within short period of time.
  • Akismet: It controls on the spam comments on your site. You don’t have to see all the comments this plugin will do it for you.


Now you have worked on everything that you want to start your blog. So now, you can finally start writing as content plays a major role in your blog. But before writing first thing you should do is to fill your About Us page as most of the people will judge you on the basis of your About Us page. You should write about who you actually are what message you want to give, how it will help others. Through this people can know more about you and will connect with you.

Content: Content is like soul of your site. This is the main thing that will attract the visitors. So be careful about what you are writing. While writing just be who you are and don’t show that everything is just perfect and you’re living the dream. Many travel bloggersdo this thing but in reality this is not true. Instead of pretending that everything is perfect write about the struggles you face during your journey. Tell them about how you overcome from them. As sometimes these problems leads to good memories in future.


Social media is a really good platform to share your thoughts connect with people and build your own community. After you start your blog you start posting videos images and quotes related to your blog on thesesocial networking sites. On Facebook you can create group of bloggers of same community. On Instagram you can post beautiful images. You can also use Pinterest for promotion of your site.


Now that everything is done focus on your content and see blog as your business and make changes in your blog with time. Once you get sufficient amount of visitors you can start earning and can get free trip offers.
To earn money you can use Google AdSense. It is very easy you just have to sign up for an account, enter Ad setting and you are good to go! You can also earn through amazon by mentioning some products on your blog. You can first search the product on amazon and then use that link for your blog. If anyone from your visitors click on that link and buy that product you will get the commission for that.

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