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how to create a wix website step by step tutorial

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How to Create a WIX website Step by Step Tutorial

how to create a wix website step by step tutorial


The world we live in today is all digital. And hence our careers, business, brands as well as services tend to grow digitally. The very first thing a business or an organization needs if it decides to go digital is a website.  A great website can simultaneously operate as a marketing tool, a store platform, a display of works and skills, a communication channel and as an engine for branding.  And Wix provides all of this in one go.

First of all, let us have a look at what all creating a good website needs-

  1. Strategize your brand-

Identify the target market, research your competitors, have a vision and be consistent.

  1. Approach the design-

While Wix takes care of the rest, you are responsible to choose the style.you have to choose a template, customize it, and set your design right by using various other features.

  1. Prioritize usability-

Make sure the website is smooth in functioning as well. The navigation needs to proper, the content well managed and readable, amongst others.

  1. Prepare for search engines-

Getting your site to rank prominently on search results is one of the most valuable ways to increase your traffic, which is why it’s so important to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already when you create your site.

  1. Professionalize your site-

Wix helps you with further enhancement of your professional services by providing Wix Bookings, Wix Music, Wix stores and other essential apps.

  1. Go mobile-

Every website must have a mobile version. Mobile web usage stats indicate that internet users now spend more time surfing the internet on mobile devices than they do on actual computers. As a matter-of-fact this one is necessary.

  1. Keep visitors engaged-

Have a blog, be active on social media, maintain a newsletter! In short, keep your audience hooked.

Having said all of this now let us proceed further and know how to achieve the above goals by creating a Wix website.

Designing a website with Wix can be done in two ways.

Wix Editoris the standard website builder we know and love. It serves up more than 500 templates on a pixelated platter, so you’re spoiled for choice. You can also add and reshuffle elements anywhere you like.

It is an ideal choice for small businesses, online stores, restaurants an many others.

The second Wix option is the first of its kind: Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) (jump to link). Using advanced technology, it creates stunning websites automatically.

You just have to provide some basic information, such as your business type, contact information, and online presence, and it does the rest. You can even make small design changes to suit your taste once the site is generated.

It is best for less tech-savvy users and if you have time constraints.

Let us have a look at both the methods one by one.

How to use a Wix Editor?

  • Sign Up-

Wix offers seven different Premium Plans. As with all subscriptions, the more you pay, the more you can play. Combo plans are recommended for small businesses. Free from ads, it comes with a personalized domain name for one year, and enough storage for most website needs. It’s also very reasonably priced.

  • Choose a Template-

To get started, select Create a New Site from the Site drop down menu in the top right corner of the dashboard. Once you click, Wix will ask what type of website you want. It has numerous options. There are many categories to choose from.

From there, it will take you to the template selection, offering a large menu of tempting templates tailored to your choice.

  • Update Text and Images-

You will now be taken to a preview of your template. Here you can play around with the simple but brilliant editing features.

You need to update your company, portfolio or blog details.

  • Personalize the Background-

Change the background too, if you like. The sidebar on the left hand side features a ‘Background’ button. Click and change. Adding a video in the background has become quite popular. Checkout the symmetry and position of buttons.

  • Add Apps-

Quirk up your site by adding various different apps!

  • Set Up a Blog-

Keep your audience in the loop with a professional-looking blog page, fully integrated to your site.

  • Sell Using Ecommerce-

The builder sidebar also includes a store manager option. Click ‘Add’, then scroll down to ‘Store’ on the menu. Hit the ‘Add to Site’ button to sell your products, create coupons and set up payments easily.

  • Coding-

Wix has recently introduced a brilliant coding function. This means you can create your very own applications without boundaries.

  • Publish!

Done and dusted? Go publish your site.

How to use a Wix ADI?

  • Getting Started-

After signing in, click the ‘+ Create New Site’ button and then ‘Start with Wix ADI’.

  • Add Features-

You’ll then be asked which features you might need. Tick the relevant boxes, then click ‘Next’ on the bottom right hand side.

  • Input Your Contact Details-

Now WIX ADI knows how to personalize your site with features, it needs basic contact details. This allows the ADI to create detailed navigation menus, footers and headers, and contact pages with ease.

  • Design Your Site-

ADI knows what you need, it will take you through the design process. After clicking ‘Start’, it offers some color schemes. Take your pick, but don’t fret too much- you can it change later if you like.

After this, you will have a brand new homepage suggested within minutes.

  • Select a Style-

You can now personalize it further by changing fonts, adding media and more with the help of Wix ADI’s smart assistant.

  • Publish!-   

Done and dusted? Go publish your site.

Don’t you agree that Wix is suc a boon. Go get your dream business out there for the world to see. Go ONLINE toda with Wix!

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