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How to Start A Fashion & Lifestyle blog – STEP-BY-STEP

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How to Start A Fashion & Lifestyle blog – STEP-BY-STEP

How to Start A Fashion & Lifestyle blog – STEP-BY-STEP

Are you a fashion lover?Do you love experimenting with your clothes and accessories? Do you have a good knowledge of fashion and style? Are you looking forward to start a fashion lifestyle blog?

If yes then following are the steps through which you can easily make your own fashion blog:

1. Setup Domain Name:

There are many software application where you can create an account. As a beginner, you can create an account on WordPress. For beginners there some cheap hosting companies like SiteGround, Bluehost. Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month which is very affordable for a beginner. And it works really well. Your domain name should go fit your blog type. For example, if you are writing a blog regarding fashion and beauty then your domain name should be like beauty&glammer.com make sure you choose .com as most of the people are used to this extension.

2. Select An Attractive Theme

As your blog is regarding fashion & lifestyle so it should not look like the basic and plain looking layout. Your layout should not look boring at all.
For a fashion blog, you need a very creative and unique theme that makes you different from others. You can select a theme from WordPress as WordPress provide you 1000’s of creative and attractive design themes and have flexible options so that you can make it uniquely yours. After selecting the theme you can add your logo, colors, and can do basic edit basic settings.

And this will look good on mobile and tablet as well.

3. Creative content

Even if you Have an attractive blog theme or have the coolest URL but if your content is not useful and doesn’t convey any message to your readers then you have just defeated the purpose of having a blog. Having an attractive blog theme and a good URL are just extras. The top priority is your content.

Your content should be helpful to your readers.

In content be clear about what you want to convey to others, how it’s going to help others.

Just be you. You don’t have to write things which just sounds good. Your content should original and real. If you are a fashion blogger write about fashions hacks and DIY fashion tips.

In the beginning, you don’t need to post daily for engagement. Just remember focus on “Quality not Quantity”. If your content is not good enough then even if you post daily it’s not going to attract visitors or create engagement.

You can post 2-3 times a week or with time schedule your post. Choose a consistent frequency for your blog.

For inspiration, you can search and look around what is in trend or what attracts the people most.

4. SEO Rankings

Once you’re done with the themes and content. Now it’s time to ensure that your website gets visitors and those visitors engage with your content.
To bring traffic on your website you should use SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, to optimize your website rankings. Most of the bloggers use Google to increase their ranking.

To increase your ranking you should focus on the website speed, as it affects your website’s SEO ranking as Google consider speed as one of the top ranking factors.

For track user engagement you need to install Google Analytics on WordPress. As it offers a lot of data about your visitors.

5. Additional Setting

Additional settings include about us and contact us page. It’s important that you should add an About Us page so that your visitors should know more about you and a Contact Page so that you can connect with your visitors.
You should install some useful plugins like Yoast SEO, Akismet.

Make Money from your Blog:

Now that you have got a good number of visitors you can make money from your blog in different ways:

1. Ad’s

You can display ads on your websites by using Google Adsense and make money from your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to recommend the products you love and you will get a commission when your user purchase a product after clicking on the link.

The best affiliate partner is Amazon affiliates you can sign up with them as they have plenty of products related to clothing and accessories and get paid for it.

3. Instagram

Many influencers and bloggers do paid promotions of brands. You should build a good amount of followers on Instagram and you can do paid partnership with different brands of clothes and accessories.

Writing a fashion blog is a really cool idea if you love being fashionable and loves to experiment with different styles and have good knowledge of fashion and lifestyle.

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