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How To Start a Successful DIY Blog

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How To Start a Successful DIY Blog

How To Start a Successful DIY Blog

How To Start a Successful DIY Blog

Do you love doing creative work or making the best out of waste kind of work? Are you good at life hacks or have done something creative that you want to share with others?

If yes then, you should start your own DIY blog. There are many bloggers who write DIY blogs of their specific category and are very successful in it. You can start your DIY blog and maybe in the future, you can turn your blog into a full-time job. Sound’s cool, right?

So, here are the steps through which you can start a successful DIY blog:

1. Decide Your Niche.

Before starting your blog you should be clear about your main objective. All the DIY bloggers have their own specific category. There are different types of DIY categories like DIY home remedies for cure, DIY beauty hacks, DIY crafts, DIY projects, DIY life hacks, DIY home décor ideas and many more.

While choosing your topic, just consider two things what is your biggest interest? And what is that one skill that you are proud of and want to share with others?

The answer to these two questions is the topic of your blog.

As writing on the topic in which you have an interest will make you look like an expert in your niche as you have good knowledge about that particular category.

2. Set up hosting and domain name

For writing a blog you need a platform for blogging. So choose your blog platform.

There are some cheap hosting company for beginners like Bluehost (The best web host to select as a beginner). Plans with Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month and its service is excellent. And it works really well for small blogs.

Bluehost is undoubtedly the best and most popular platform for writing blogs.

Step by Step BlueHost Installation Guideline:

Step 1. Visit https://www.bluehost.com/ and click “Get Started”

Step 2. Select the plan that best suites your budget.

Step 3. After that enter your desired domain name and get it for free

Step 4. In the next step fill your profile by entering your details and payment info.

Step 5. After Account Creation, you will be promoted to set a password for your Bluehost hosting control panel.

Step 6. WordPress comes inbuilt in Bluehost as it is a core WordPress optimized host.

Step 7. After the above steps wordpress installation will be completed and you will get a welcome screen.

Step 8. By Default, a coming soon page will be displayed on your wordpress blog.

Bluehost starts from 2.95$ a month which is very affordable for beginners. And this also provides good service.

Now it’s time to decide your domain name. Your domain name should be:

• Short & sweet
• Easy to remember and spell
• It should be related to your blog topic
• Don’t stick to basics choose different domains like .net, .in

3. Select Theme

Now that your site is ready to choose the theme of your choice. WordPress provides you thousands of attractive and beautiful themes. As a DIY blogger, your site should not look like a basic blog site. It should be creative, attractive full of colors just like your DIY blog.

It’s very important that your site should look attractive and unique.

4. Inspiration

Finally, your site is ready. But the Main thing is writing a blog. As a DIY blogger make sure that whatever you write should be different from others. You can search and see what other bloggers are doing just for the inspiration. Don’t just see and copy. The first blog is all about how original you are. You can get inspiration from everywhere and then do it in your own way.

5. Attractive Images

Well, good content is great, but pretty pictures are killer. Having an attractive image with good content is like icing on the cake, a pretty image with good content is an amazing combination will attract the readers. Make sure your images are eye-catchy.

6. Work systematically

Once you have started writing a blog and if you want to run your blog smoothly then you need to be organized. Schedule your posts, not only this once you start gaining traffic on your site you have to think about the other things like display ads, affiliate marketing, cross-promotional opportunities and many more. Make sure you work in an organized manner.

7. Just be yourself

You don’t need to do what other people are doing. Just be yourself. Do it in your own unique way. It’s not compulsory that you have to follow what others are doing. Whatever you want to write, the images you want to post or the topics on which you want to write, do all these things in a way that makes you different from others.

Now that you have understood what you have to do to be a successful DIY blogger, now start your own journey as a DIY blogger.

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