SEO expert in India, like me, would be able to provide services for your website that will help it perform better and help it become excellent at search engine optimization. To be more precise, these services would enhance the features of the site, to make it more visible on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The focus will surely be on the products and services, company and the brand.

Some of the services offered by a SEO freelancer in India include:

  • Website design and maintenance: This is the first step of the SEO, which many do not understand and neglect it. It should be done in the design stage, not later. An experienced SEO consultant in India would be able to ensure that search engine would crawl and understand the website content, the first step for enhancing the chances of visibility on SERP.
  • Website Audit: This is one of the most important services provided by an SEO expert in Ahmedabad or anywhere across the world. The resourceful person would inspect the current strategy and the website. After complete inspection through SEO prospective they would be able to report the positives and the areas that need more concentration.
  • Few people prefer DIY, with the help of SEO audit tools. They are not preferred mainly for two reasons. First being they would not be able to provide the expertise view of a freelancer SEO expert in Ahmedabad and second being that the tolls will not have include updated strategies. If a SEO service provider is not offering this crucial service, it s sure that it does not provide tailor-made solutions.
  • Generation of Keywords: It is important that you should use the best keywords for your website. A SEO consultant in Ahmedabad would be able to conduct proper research and find the appropriate and top keywords that should be used for optimization. This would help in increasing traffic to the website.
  • Onsite optimization: This crucial component of SEO is handled by freelancer SEO expert in India, which would help in improving various features of the website, so that crawling algorithms of search engine can spot them easily. This would include basic steps like updating title tags, meta descriptions, creating sitemap, design of the website etc.
  • Off page SEO: Generally off page SEO techniques are referred as link building, but it has much more associated with it. Some of the services in this category include few tips regarding the designs. To know more you should hire a SEO freelancer in Ahmedabad.
  • Weekly Reporting: I and my team always believe in transparency. To know the effectiveness of our services, and to gain your trust, we provide with regular reports, as frequently as once a week. The report could include page ranking, organic traffic, conversion rate, ranking etc. We can customise the report frequency as per you demand.

You can visit a SEO expert or get in touch with a freelancer who can provide these services. GET in TOUCH now!!

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