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Hire SEO Expert Ahmedabad, India

With over 10 years of Digital Marketing experience in which
I have worked for many organisations across the world and
helped them to get 1st page Ranking, Increase Leads & Conversions from search engine.



I also have a strong background in lead generation, sales funnels, landing pages, product creation, web design, WordPress and backlinking.
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click)
  • Local SEO
  • Online Reputation Management ( ORM)
  • Lead Generation

Most Trusted & Reliable SEO Expert Ahmedabad India

Do you wish to rank higher in Google’s Search engine results and enjoy increased
Internet presence? If your answer is Yes, then you are at the correct place.

This is Vivek Shah, a Google certified SEO expert in India. My 10 year long experience in digital
marketing has helped me gather immense knowledge that can help me devise unique
strategies for a website to rank top in any of the popular search engines like

As an SEO freelancer in Indiamy experience had made me aware of various factors that search engines consider and so devise strategies as per the keywords, clients, location, and of course business goals as well. I can guarantee that all the tailor made strategies would ensure success and can play a huge role in enhancing the business to a next level, and increase number of customers by many folds.

To give a sharp edge to my skills, I have taken up few courses, which gives me a
right to call myself an
SEO expert in Ahmedabad and all over the country. Few
certificates like AdWords fundamentals, Search advertising, Adwords Display
certification, Inbound methodology are few proofs of my perfection and strong
foot-hold in the business.

The others areas of my specialisation that could help your website and business

·        Lead generation

·        Sales funnels

·        Landing pages

·        Product Creation

·        Web design

·        Word Press

·        Back linking

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Pay Per Click (PPC)

·        Local SEO

·        Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Role of
SEO Consultant in India

The common question that a website owner or a novice in the field would ask is ‘how
can a SEO consultant help in enhancing business?’

As an SEO consultant in India, am a knowledgeable professional in the field, me and my team can provide
services that help the business flourish by many folds. We study the website
and provide suggestions that help to get higher rankings in popular search
engines. We follow the basic rules and make sure to concentrate on the targeted
traffic, thus increase the number of visitors to the website. With increased
use of internet, such rankings would help in increasing visitors and thus
number of customers.

Since internet marketing is quite different from traditional marketing, mainly
because it involves various platforms like mobile, computer, tablets etc, in
various fields like shopping, health, law, education, construction engineering
etc, in short almost for every field; it involves strategic planning.

We suggest this type of marketing because the tactics suggested by a SEO consultant in
, like me, would work 24X7, which is not possible in the age old versions. This
cost –effective measures, would help in attracting new customers continuously.

In the present market you would be able to find a number of options in this field.
It is ideal to seek the services of an experienced
freelancer SEO expert in India, like me, to avail
top-quality dedicated strategies that can show significant change in the
website performance.

Benefits of Hiring Freelancer SEO Expert in India

If you own a business, it has almost become a must to own and manage a website for
it. The web pages of the website should be made, configured, written and
optimized in such a way that the crawling algorithms of search engine would
find these pages and place them on top of the SERPs.  For this you would need a
SEO expert in India
like me, who could employ white hat
strategies and enhance the performance of the website. 

The few ways in which I could help your business include:

·      Specialised skill set: My ten plus years of experience has
helped me gather great combination of skills that could play a crucial role in
the better ranking in major popular search engines. The skill set is a
combination of hard work and certification courses that could help me
concentrate on every aspect of your website and help me modify them to bring
the much needed performance. In short, one can term me as a perfect blend of
business objectives and technical metrics, by keeping user’s experience in

·   More time and knowledge: It is a known fact that popular
search engines make regular modifications to their algorithms. As a
freelancer SEO expert in
, I have all the necessary knowledge to use various tactics to improve business,
mainly because I am equipped with the best skill set and knowledge in the field.

Most business owners are quite busy handling their business,
because of which they do not have time or even the knowledge to handle the
website. An adroit like me would be able to manage the website in the best
possible way, thus resulting in positive changes.

·    Cost effective option: A business owner like you could hire a SEO freelancer in
like me, for few hours for the particular project. I work with a concept of
pay-as-you-grow, just to win the confidence of prized customers like you. The
price is highly competitive, but the quality of services is top-rated. All my
clients agree with my opinion.

·    Stand out in the Tough competition: Today’s market is filled with a number
of competitors, and everyone is working hard to perform better. To withstand
the cut throat competition, one should seek guidance from an expert like me, as
I can put your website in a better position. With increased online presence,
your business could attract more potential customers and thus increase sales.

Me and my team would work day in and out for your business to reach heights, while
you can enjoy with your family and friends or concentrate on your business. I suggest
you contact me once before hiring a SEO firm. I am sure you will be impressed
by our work that you will be forced to give the management of your website to us;
I can assure that the price is pocket-friendly.

Why Should You Hire Me For Your SEO Needs?

Me and my team has together share years of experience between us, which equipped
us to handle popular clients with ease. The exemplary work given by us has
impressed out esteemed guests that they suggest our name to their friends as

Our presence in the field, since years, has taught us the best strategies that
could dominate the SEO world and bring the website to the top. We value each
and every client and take immense interest and care to present them with a site
that would not only make them happy but also help them fetch many business

We not only manage the already made websites, but can also develop a page or app
from scratch that caters to your business needs. We could include all the best
features that would only help you reach out to more and more customers, no
matter the type of business you deal.

We are unique combination of experts who are always hungry for knowledge. We keep
ourselves updated with the latest technology through constant research. This
helps us in equipping ourselves with the best in industry, to help our clients
with their requirements. In short, I can say that we are the epitome in the SEO
field and can help you reach heights, which no other team can do.

other pros of working with us include

·       On-time reporting

·       On-time results

·       100 percent client satisfaction

·       24X7 services

·       Complete transparency

·       Link building expert

·       Google analytics

·       Experience to deal with high-profile clients

·       Success proven trusted white hat techniques

We can proudly say that our USP is our clients trust and satisfaction. Our success
has helped our clients to move forward in the field and shine among their
competitors. The other amazing advantage is that our clients still continue
dealing with us and also bring in more customers. We take care that no one
leaves us, with disappointment.

We know what we are doing, and so are sure that our strategies will never land you
or your site into problem. We believe there is no shortcut to success, so we
strive to provide the best results, even if we have to put in some extra hard

We know how to dominate the SEO world and help our clients to rock in their domain
as well. The strategies and algorithms are not confines to e-commerce but
various other services as well. We are capable of serving all business, with
right SEO solutions, to get positive results and gain top ranking. Since our
results are organic, one can enjoy the after effects to a great extent.

If you wish to hire someone so capable and talented, get in touch with us through
email or number given in the contact us section. We are eagerly waiting for
your call.

Contact us now to enjoy amazing deals or one of the best packages in the field.




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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that helps in increasing traffic to a website naturally.

An SEO expert develops strategies that help the ranking of a website.

Most search engines use advanced algorithms, the positive effects can be felt gradually and surely would last long

Depending on the project, factors like keyword difficulty, current ranking, domain type etc, would surely play a role fir deciding the price.

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